Our School

Longden is a TK-6 school located in Temple City, California. We are the largest elementary school in Temple City Unified School District, serving over 1,000 students. As well as being honored as a California Distinguished School, Longden has been recognized for its quality programs with the Title 1 Academic Achievement Award.



The mission of Longden Elementary is to provide students the knowledge, skills and attitude to help them become responsible, productive and positive contributors to our community. Students will be taught to communicate and problem solve effectively through critical thinking and appropriate teaching strategies and techniques. Students will be taught skills which will enable them to function successfully in, and contribute to, and ever-increasing technological society. We the staff at Longden School will create a supportive non-threatening environment where students will be encouraged to achieve goals, objectives and dreams.


Instructional Focus

Longden is committed to ensuring that all students show continuous growth in comprehension through evidence-based conclusions across all content areas.


Tiger Code

Be Kind - Be Safe - Be Responsible